C'mon In

by Slick Nixon

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released November 16, 2014

Guitar/Vocals: Pete Mills
Guitar/Vocals: Brandon Coaker
Keys/Backups: Adam Engram
Bass/Backups: Tyler Lovell
Drums: Jason Howard
Additional Drumming by Jack Etchegary
Backups on "Everything In Common" By Leslie Amminson

Engineered, Mixed and Mastered by Krisjan Leslie at LabOfChaos
With Production help by Romesh Thavanathan
Artwork by Corey J. Isenor



all rights reserved


Slick Nixon St. John'S, Newfoundland and Labrador

Dick Slickson

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Track Name: Everybody Wants A Piece
All this intrusion's got me knocked right off my feet
don't ring the bell, just c'mon in
Have a drink, have a seat

Man, you've got plans
I can tell that but can't understand why
when it's all panned out, you're asking for another handout
Everybody wants a piece

Aged solutions for new problems:
that's the way we prefer to run things 'round these parts
so baby, don't stray if this feels too familiar
you'll sleep tight knowing you're safe here
wait here, I've got answers
Poems known to clear up cancers
and everybody wants a piece

Everybody wants a piece
Why would I lie?
I can't tame that beast
He'll treat you like a scrap of meat
Why would I lie to you?

Dropped the instructions on the way to find your soul
Each hazy moment flies by as you die not to grow old
Complaining to raindrops, Screaming lonesome at the bus stop
Fun as it was, You've got to give it up because you know
Everybody wants a piece
Track Name: She'd Be There
Walkin' through this city with a tear in my visual
This feeling is miss-able, though my heart is still visible
I'm dating this girl, I don't remember her middle name
Can't say that I care too much, she thinks it's a pretty thing

While my perception is just a little bit off tonight
I'll be here when you get back, still trying to make this right
I wish I could tell you that I'm in it to win you
I've seen how these things work out, there's nothing that you can do

I knew it all along that she'd be there

She lusted for loving like a hunger to satiate
I couldn't have listened less so I chose to deviate
I made a pact to rely solely on loving lust
now I'm all by myself, just look how I've ended up

I knew it all along that she'd be there

I'll play your favourite songs
You can tell me when I'm wrong
I'll do everything I can to make this your week
Track Name: Get It Together Little Girl
She's got a knack for staying out of touch
Scoffs at the crime of sticking out too much
chewing greeny leather like it's going out style
with a daisy in her hair, she cracks a pearly smile
and the smoke seeps from between her teeth
Get it together, little girl

Gloating 'bout a cleanse, singin' hey, good for you
That brittle body bends and allows to bend the truth
Wasn't born a blonde like her picture'd have you think
swears she's only wasted 'cause she really never drinks
but there's lipstick on half of the empties
Get it together, little girl

Camus was a genius
Buk was a slob
This book really gets me
because I don't believe in God

It's best in the big city, all her old friends suck
why treat an infection when prescriptions are just luck?
but Molly dances on through her circulatory system

Kurt was a martyr
Frank knew the mob
this band really gets me
I'll never be a snob

The party's hot in here but she's lookin' over there
pullin' all the stops in fear of getting dropped
when she's picked up as a chameleon
Get it together, Little Girl
Track Name: Everything In Common
Go get it
get out where it's sunny
I'd take you there but don't have the money
and I'd hate to leave you hung up from my teasin', honey

I've got no other reasons
I'll just say I've got no other reasons

We don't have anything in common
and I can only offer nothing
We don't have anything in common
'cause I've got nothing
I say all I can say, I say no comment,
Though I know that we have everything in common

Whenever I land on my feet
Well, you bet you'll be the first face I do tell
Maybe then I'll let you in on how hard that I fell for you
You're what I believe in when I've got no other reasons
Track Name: Heartbreak Neighbourhood
I picked you up in a heartbreak neighbourhood
Several years ago,
when the sun melted the snow
That's how I met you
You had every man under your thumb
Some still call you home
and some just sit home alone 'cause they don't want no one else

You should be ashamed for everything you've done
You came and went with the worst intentions
and you pissed off everyone
We gave you our hearts and you ripped them all apart
Some nights we cry on each other's shoulders
and we wonder where you are

Somehow I miss you

We used to walk until our legs were broken,
stained with grass and blood
we used to be so young
sometimes we still are

I used to drive you to the DMV
so you could fuck the owner, get us fake IDs
For every mile I would hate you
But I would love you too

I still have your maps, but you can have them back
something tells me you don't know where the hell you are
I'll take back my heart and clean off all the tar
The remnants left from the cigarettes that we'd smoke in my car

Somehow I miss you